Monday, July 31, 2017

9/11 Flight 175 was CGI - 100% PROOF!

On the Trail of the terrorists. SPECIAL COMMENT: One disciple asked:" Whats wrong with the plane's wing behind the building?"  Folks, the flight 175 was no where near that tower on 911.  Secondly disciples are trying to release their criminal friends from the QUAGMIRE THEY'RE IN.

Firstly within hours after the attack, the senior deception terrorists were parading around identifying bin Laden as the suspect.  But hear this folks after 17 years, the world's premiere investigation agency has not stated that bin Laden was responsible.

 Plain and simple, such  a video is pure cartoon physics - a blatant fraud.

911 sad comedy

The rascals of 911 used some of the most sophisticated weapons but they made some .errors:

The alleged Flight 175 engine was not from that plane, nor was it used by the airline.

The alleged planes entering the WTC buildings were pure cartoon graphics.-

The alleged Flight 77 crash obliterated all its components yet the DUMB FOOLS were able to identify by DNA all the passengers, except the Arabs.

The hole which the alleged plane dug in Shanksville, was already there since 1994

The alleged 4 hijacked planes were in the air for about two hours yet the 60 billion military industry did not intercept one of them, prompting the world to laugh at the incompetence of the US; you see, NORAD knew that there were no hijacked  planes.

Although the chain-of-command went AWOL during that emergency, no one was punished.

The rascals manipulated forensic evidence in New York, Pentagon and Shanksville.  Why?

The alleged Arab hijackers were not listed on the airline manifests, moreover 9 of them are alive.  How come the hijackers all crashed and perished on 911 yet 9 are still alive?

The NTSB stated that some of the four hijacked planes did not fly on 911.  Where did the officials gather the farce about the planes being hijacked?

The Military chief, while speaking to the savages, said that the war games, { setupto confuse the FAA} assisted in the process What process?

Why didn’t the officials cancel war games at that critical time?
The officials called in only the family members to go and listen to LETS Roll.

There was no information from the '911 treasure trove', then how the officials knew how many 'terrorists' were on each plane?

One of our major problems is the number of savages among us who believe anything: "I saw it on TV".  The 911 terrorists told us that Flight 93 went into the ground and left 50% of its body exposed; but while they had no photo to show, they provided an artist's depiction of an airplane in the ground.  That picture was to fool the savages into believing that flight 93 was the depiction.

One individual spotted one 911 plane (by tail number) in use, in 2003 even though  the officials said that it was obliterated in 2001.

Junior and his goons enacted a bill to compensate the airlines for loss.  Was it loss or something else, and also to keep participants quiet about the farce?

Do we see the unidentified agents who were involved in the 911 conspiracy?

The Arab hijacking tale was as phony as a seven dollar bill and if we allow the terrorists to continue using Muslims as bogeymen we will be very, very, sorry one day.


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