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9/11 Science and Conspiracy

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On the Trail of the terrorists.

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How America became a superpower

On the Trail of the terrorists.

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Nimrod, Semiramis

On the Trail of the terrorists.

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The Best Flat Earth Documentary

On the Trail of the terrorists.

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The Illuminati Plan to Fake the Return of Jesus

Did you realize that operation 911 was a trial run of future technologies?

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Einstein: The Relativity Fraud

On the Trail of the deception specialists  promoting scientism for science and truth.

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Richard D Hall - Irrefutable - 9/11 Proves Free Energy

Still on the Trail of the deception  terrorists. People, examine thoroughly the facts of this video and think for a moment if a mad man had this technology and is willing to do harm.  What if a mad man finds himself pinned against the wall,.whereby he thinks he has no other option but to use free energy at its maximum potential? Consider this, think now that the energy could be used any where in the world, especially where savagery and dysgraphia reign supreme.

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Scientific Facts Prove 911 Was A False Flag Operation

On the Trail of the terrorists.  We should listen to a group of scholars who have analyzed the scam thoroughly, the answer is in this analysis.

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The scam on Sadaam

On the Trail of the terrorists.

In an argument about elite forces we obliterate fools and dummies.

The 911 disciples really conned the SWAMP.

They reported about the 19 hijackers but 9 were alive and well after 911.
They told the idiot Junior  that Saddaam was the source of the Anthrax but later we discovered that  it was one of their own disciples.

Then they said that Saddaam had massive stock piles of WMDs yet ,UN inspection team found none.

The idea here is this, if the elite teams do just plain lies and stupidity, we cannot call them elite, we must call them dumb fools just like the terrorists. Whilimena 

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understanding 9-11 scam

On the Trail of the deception terrorists.

  One should ensure certain things intact before undertaking a study of the 911 scam.  You see, it was archestrated by masters of  the same Team which murdered John F Kennedy;.  Before you begin ensure that you pass the MENTAL STATUS EXAMINATION specifically the THREAM OF THOUGHT section. this is just to ascertain if you are a sane mortal.

Folks you need some good common sense and highly technical skills too.  Search and learn skills in video compositing, holographic imagery,  high energy weaponry, and true patriotism.  Make sure you know which politician you trust.  Remember that both chairmen of the 911 Commission said that it was rigged.  They thought that they were set up to fail.
Hear this!  The 911 skeptics do not collude their thinking into one 911 science.  A man who opines a theory does not want to hear about theory number two, thus a confusion among individuals, and happiness for the disciples.  Let us collaborate with all skeptics.

Ever wondered why only the Jersey Girls combined to call for justice and grieved for victims while others played the grab and run game?
Every victim had a disciple  in the family, or close by who set them up for the fall.  People got 1.8 million green backs just like that, just to set up a friend.

Finally if you have difficulty explaining the science to the lay man, think about the capability of the savage to understand civility   
Investigation.  What investigation?
When an investigator is questioned on a specific point he responds that it is confidential, that is classifield.  You know something?  The only source which should classify data or documents, is the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Charles Darwin had serious problems: " I could not imagine the difference {in intelligence} between the savage and civilized men."

The Totem Pole prank in Dallas
Oswald did not shoot anyone and Ruby did not shoot Oswald.
Oswald was the most stupid agent who agreed to make a fake facial expression.  Ruby did not even aim at Oswald, the latter was beheaded in the car and he was burried in a sealed steel mold.  Why steel?  Well they had ro hide the fact that he  Oswald, was not shot.  Ruby was acquitted of the murder and therefore signed his own death warrant.  He was later injected with a cancer by the conspiracy doctor.

A  good disciple, learned in military science and a past lecturer at one of the worlds premier military colleges, has already identified the 911 thugs via their employment history, 'DNA' and 'fingerprints'. I support his ideas .  Actually, the only evidence not left on 911 were the middle names of the thugs.

There is a controversy among skeptics regarding whether the metals were melted by nano-thermite or high energy but here this, both actions could produce similar results except that nano-thermite could melt steel inside WTC but it would have nothing to do   with  burning   vehicles on the grounds of WTC; that was high energy action.

WHO DOES THE 911 CRIMINAL HATE?  The theorists with the 'goods' which can put them in jail.  Two  who they hate that come to mind are Chris Bollyn and Dr. Judy Wood They hit the hammer right on the head not on the edge.
List of other Patriots and theorists:
Simon Shack, *****
Jim Marrs *****
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney )*****
Dylan Avery, ***
Veteran, James Jim Fetzer, phd, *****
Webster Tarpley***
Willie Rodriquez***
Dr. Phillip Marshall, RIP
Richard D.. Hall, ***** (british)
Andrew Johnson*** (British)
John Lear, *****
Rebecca Roth, *****
Dr. Pechinick. *
Dr. David Ray Griffin***
Dr. Alan Zabrosky, *****
Alex Jones, ***
Dr. Steven Jones ***
Ace Baker, *****
Dr. Morgan Reynolds, *****
A.K. Dudney,***
Dr. Judy Wood*****
Richard Gage, AIA, ***
David Von Kleist, ***
Barrie Zwicker, ***
Kevin Ryan,*
Chris Bollyn, *****
Michael Rupert. ***
Dan Rather, **
Dr. Graeme MacQueen *****
Gov. Jesse (the body) Ventura, ***** 
James Corbett, ***
Michael Springman, *****
Graeame Mcqueen *****

We must put our thinking into the Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) applications and other directed energy applications because that scientific study is progressing rapidly.

What weapons were used?  There have been several suggestions.  I conclude that microwave, explosives, tactical high energy laser, and possibly mini nuke were used.

The 911 scam was a stupid move or the wost scam ever, whereby the thugs knew they were above the law  It was a scam where the thugs left numerous fingerprints and the so-called investigative agencies did not find one because they are afraid of career suicide; and also they wanted to use the data for blackmail jobs and black projects.

Solving the imbroglio!
We do not have any concrete proof that the SWAMP colluded with the 911 deception terrorists.
However soon after the attacks the SWAMP passed legislation to cripple the rights of the populace and engaged in hostile activities against nations.
Was that a responce to a call from a senior deception terrorist who, shortly after 911, called for America to begin paying a price for the attacks?  Question:  Is the SWAMP obeying the terrorists, and what did the SWAMP know about the attacks?  The answer to the questions could make civilized people sweat.

I have a suggestion:  the SWAMP should declare the details of the few secrets which those terrorists hold; this will cause some shock and awe.Thereafter warn the said terrorists that no one hold any more secrets for us.  The game is over and we will no longer take orders from a third world nation.


(!) The global earth fraud was perpetrated by the deception terrorists.

(2) They were hunting down their enemies some time later and solicited the assistance of the SWAMP; but walla, the SWAMP hired dozens of the enemies in a top secret program via Operation paper clip.  The terrorists vowed revenge.

(3) The Pearl Harbor attack was no surprise to the SWAMP  The deception terrorists arranged it all.  

(4) They tried to unseat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a coup and they tried relentlessly to recruit decorated military officer Smeddley Butler who rejected the plan.

(5) John F. Kennedy wanted to get the extreme weapon out of the claws of the terrorists so they plotted to have him done in. 
UFO and aliens were said to be mythical thinking, yet the SWAMP developed a department to monitor aliens and a manual of instructions on alien security procedures.

A good disciple named James was in charge of the project called MAJESTIC.  He was a patriotic medical man versed in ethics so he apprised President Kennedy regarding certain details.  Elements within the SWAMP had him-done-in for his actions and would later apologize for the aggressive action.

The terrorists vowed revenge.

Operation Northwoods: One disciple wrote a prescription for a series of terrorists activities in the region involving some deception tactics, but it was flatly rejected by President Kennedy.  The satanists strongly opposed the president, claiming that America should also be involved in terrorism.

The thing-hit-the-fan when President Kennedy dismissed a disciple from Texas so the Satanists decided to- rub-him-out in Texas in broad daylight.  Kindly note that the Satanists alone could not implement such a plan

A group of disciples were put to the task of developing a plan including inviting Kennedy to Texas and sending a patsy to Russia to spend time so that Americans could blame Russia for the killing. The patsy visited Russia and returned flawlessly- a feat overlooked by the dumb investigators.  Kennedy was a beloved man so the terrorists could not find a killer to perform the hit publicly; therefore they implemented a deception which worked for a while until another disciple publicly said that the patsy fired one bullet which struck two men and emerged in pristine condition.  In a similar way [as 911] the terrorists left many fingerprints in Dealy Plaza on that day of infamy but investigators who were afraid of the tricks of the terrorists, ignored them.  
(6) Have you ever heard of Cammander    Bill B Pitzer who was compiling a dossier of the mangled photographs of JFK when they caught him and rubbed him out?  The disciples vowed revenge.

(7) Robert Kennedy was presidential candidate when they used one disciple to shoot him and blame the arab Sirhan Sirhan.

(8) The new Pearl Harbor was not so called because of idleness, Junior labeled it so because 911 was similar to Pearl Harbor. Remember Junior was not a man with tact.
(9) Remember Apollo Mission which was to skyrocket the SWAMP on top of the heap.
The Mission was faked  
The deception terrorists were those who advised the public that the mission was a hoax.

(10) 1986 the terrorists thought of another swindle to setup the SWAMP.  Challenger was discussed and faked leaving members alive and well.  It was the said deception terrorists who told us where to locate each member. 

911 Blunders

The 911 project entailed some of the most advanced technologies such as explosives, microwave, THEL and possibly a mini-nuke, yet the terrorists used some basic idiots on some components like the holes cut in WTC   steel to depict plane wing action, and the jackass blasts to show plane entry and exit wounds.  One savage was placed at the north side  of the tower to bomb the entry hole.
while the other should have been on the south, but he ended up on the east.  Hear this! The blast depicted that the plane entered from north, then slowed down, and made a sharp left to exit east.

Had it been a normal terror group they would have abandoned the project at that juncture

At Pentagon they used drone to knock down the wall and tried to say a plane did it.  Likewise in Pennsylvania they used a drone and tried to tell us that a plane did it.

The operation depicted a group of clever thugs who were above the government and the law, and thought that they could do anything in any old way without any fair of getting caught.  If I was a SWAMPEE I would say: “ Oh no, they went out of bounds and next time they will obliterate us.  We must solve the secrets problem now.” We all know that without proper security the nation is at risk and with incompetent security the SWAMP needs to consider a more competent team.
SWAMP: Simple Questions to answer without pointing any finger. Satisfy your savages and believers!
(1) Does the FBI has pictures of the  aircraft wreckage  stuck in the ground in Shanksville?
(2) What was the E-Team disciple doing with so many fuses in the WTC prior 911?
(3) Who called Junior and advised that:  "Airforce One is next" Could that be someone in-the-know?
(4) On what data did we make a claim that 19 Arabs hijacked planes on 911?
(5)Why no tangible Pentagon video of the 911 attack?
(6) Why the head of NORAD went AWOL on the most critical day on the job?
(7)Did NORAD know that there were no planes to intercept on 911?
(8) Did you investigate the  reason given for the 911 war games?
(9) Chairman Kean said that his 911 Commission was set up to fail; has that been investigated?
(10) Have you deciphered the drawings in the book called The B Thing?
(11) Who called the staff at the Pennsylvania airport and told him to scram?
(12) A Pentagon employee has denied the Press reports; has that lady been questioned by intelligence sources?
(13) Senor Rudi Juliani said that he was told that a building would collapse, did he tell his firemen in order to protect them from danger?
(14) Did you investigate why the forensic sites at WTC, Pentagon and Shanksville were disturbed before investigators could thoroughly examine them?

  Didn't you ever give a though to the fact why the E Team bombers were in the WTC for several months before the attacks?

(16)Why did it take 411 days to begin an enquiry into the nations worst disaster?
(17)Why was the president’s security team so relaxed at the school where he was on the morning of 911?
Who at the SWAMP recruited 15 of the named men, from Saudi Arabia?
(18)Who permitted the named patsies to attend US military flight schools?
(19)Why were there war games being conducted during the most critical emergency in American history?
(20)What is the result of the investigations into the put options?
(21)What is the result on the Silver Stream scam?
(22)Why was there a law enacted to exclude investigators from asking certain groups questions about the attacks?
(23)What explanation did the investigators give about the tall tale claiming that the plane traveling at 500 miles an hour penetrated the north wall of the square building and exiited sharply through the east wall?
(24)What explanation did the investigators give for the alleged hole in the steel wall neatly sliced out by the plane wing? 
(25)When did aluminum start cutting steel?
(26)What was the result of the Brady Bonds investigation?
(27)What happened to the gold heist?
(28)Has the investigators being following the 911 money heist?
(29)What was the DNA results on the 19 Arabs, or did they jump out the planes before impact?
(30)The plane engine on Murray Street, where did it come from?
(31)The police in New York arrested two men running from a truck painted with a mural of a plane crashing into the city.  What happened to them? 
(32)What happened to the information from the airplane black boxes?  Did the named men  erased the data before impact?
(33)Is there any regime bold enough holding the Washington SWAMP at ransom for secrets against the said SWAMP?  See above under secrets.
(34)Where did the rubble of the Twin Towers go?
(35)Have the 911 investigators spoken to the conspiracy theorists?  If not why?

Conspiracy Theorist.  Who is he?

A conspiracy theorist is an individual who carefully analyses a negative situation, action, a catastrophy, etc, and determines that something about it does not smell good; that two or more persons acted in concert to carry out the action.

A conspiracy does not mean that all parties participated in the act.  Let say you Just know about a crime and not doing anything to stop it, it is a conspiracy which you are involved in.

Thugs sometimes get a clean break by turning and looking the other way while something wrong is a happening.

The masters of deception organized to call a conspiracy theorist a nut, so that when he [the thug] organizes a crime, the savages within the citizenry will not blame him.  They mock the conspiracy theorist. It works like a charm.  That is why Poppy said that if the citizens knew what was done they would chase the thugs done the streets and have them done in.  This does not happen because the savages call the conspiracy theorist a nut when thorough investigations should be conducted, and the thugs live to enjoy titles like knights, honorables, rabbis and priests and presidents.

Today, instead of the savages analyzing a situation thoroughly, they sit back and laugh and mock the persons who do.  The result is that thugs know they can get a Clean Break from blame and harm when they commit a major false flag operation.

The Muslims are the best bogeymen to use in false flag, because their governments do not aggressively and publicly criticize actions done falsely in their citizensnames.

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911 Layering Glitch Fake CGI Plane


I did speak to one man who said that a plane did fly pass the area but it did not hit anything The dangerous and ruthless thugs had a plane in the area just like at the Pentagon.  Plane flew pass but did not strike a thing.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

On the Trail of the terrorists. 

Time for SOLVING 9-11

The terrorists thought that we were all celebrating April Fools Day on 9-11.  Yes maybe some fools did exist.  Yes, a group of Christians who love tall tales such as this one:  that two planes [which were no where near by] struck two buildings and caused explosions.  Then the buildings stood erect for over an hour then suddenly exploded again with raging fires; and then fell to the ground into pure dust.  This tale seems to be a sad joke yet people believe it.

There has never been so much evidence to convict the disciples, as we saw in 9-11; yet we allowed the ruthless terrorists to tell us that Arab patsies committed the crime; without showing us the facts..
It's time for solving 9-11 but firstly the plain facts:The SWAMP did not carry out the attack but several wayward opportunists within, and useful idiots did.

We now have to retrieve the trillions they stole from taxpayers.

Firstly the terrorists weren't elementary school A-rabs from caves in Afghanistan, the terrorists are the masters of major crimes in history  They have majored in deception for decades. .

We cannot file suit against the SWAMP because the federal judges will not entertain such.  The keys to solving 9-11 are (1) CGI grahpics expert summary and (2) a Qui Tam lawsuit against the headquarters of the terrorist group which is based overseas.  Frankly the SWAMP likes suits against it because the plaintiff will get nowhere.

Where we go now?

First the qui tam suit, then the terrorists' collaborators can be witnesses.  Why the collaborators?
They colluded: (1) to delay the investigations into the nation's worst crime [411 days] (2) they appointed a conflict of interest dimwitted   motley crew to investigate,instead of the FBI (3) they allowed a disciple of the terrorists to steer the motley crew (4) they used the military to conduct themselves in a manner which they would not have done ordinarily such as the FUBAR, antics and slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The cartoon physics shown on TV would have been detected by a legally appointed investigative agency.

The motley crew or more appropriately the Warren Commission II could have used basic common sense to figure out that a plane could not have cut down major steel columns as portrayed by the cartoon physics of the day. Or, were they paid to ignore the facts?  But hear this! A little digging reveal that disciples were at the payout end of the 911 deal.

We need a true patriot to stand up and file the right suit against the terrorists and the Commission..

It is sad how the sheeple stand by and watch the deception terrorists forment plot after plot to benefit themselves from fake history and escaping with a clean break every time.