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Rae 'Whilimena' Wilson

A true American should keep his integrity close to his chest at all times because that is all one has.
The world looks upon America for leadership and so we should show leadership qualities at ALL times; even to the Iraqis, Iranians and North Koreans.

The Satanists did it, 100 % proof

The Satanists did it, 100 % proof

This assessment of careful research concludes that the Satanists orchestrated September 11 - without conjecture,100 percent proof.  However, one has to remember that one must be careful when discussing the 911 caper with mortals.

There is is the limitation of some peoples’ brains to absorb the 911 science because they have been nurtured by Langley over decades to consider any skeptic as a conspiracy theorist - a nut.  Then we have the Straw men and those suffering from serious doses of cognitive dissonance.

The SWAMP is no friend of the Satanists even though they say so , in fact the SWAMP is afraid of the Satanists because of past occurrences like the JFK , Pearl Harbor and most important, the Clips thing.

One top brass disciple who worked at the Port Authority handed the New York buildings to his fellow disciple already at the complex.  The fact was that the buildings were slated for demolition because of the enormous amounts of asbestos in them.  The only problem was how to demolish 100 story buildings which were located in a city.

Several thugs heard about the full scale 911 scam and they decided to cash in, such as the put options and stolen gold heists. Think further about operators of the Brady bonds and the hammer fund.

The SWAMP did not fully participate but certain thugs within and useful-idiot-elements did. For example, that man who keeps grinding his teeth like a horse; and the idiot Poppy Junior.

The Satanists had the 911 scam colligated down to the T” so that it did not fail.  They installed a management team to supervise all facets of the operation.  For example, three disciples to take control of the WTC, one disciple working with the idiot commander-in-chief to steer him into AWOL corner during an extreme emergency, one disciple at the Pentagon, this one made a haul of 3.3 trillion between 2001 and 2004; one at NORAD and one at the war games center; other disciples manning the financial decapitation swindle.  Other key disciples placed at key points as follows:  The ordnance E Team placed in the towers to reside and plant bombs; a plot called the B-thing; and also to disfigure sections of the building to show that planes struck.
One disciple at the Justice Department to ensure that none of the terrorists was thoroughly checked and that those who fell in harms way were immediately shipped back home to the synagogue;   the SHOE and panty bomber type disciples at airport security to control boarding information and to say, if needed, Yes! it was the fellow Osama and the terrorists because we saw some A-rabs pass through here.

POST 911 coverup masters

One disciple placed at the Warren Commission II to steer it done silly lane; one was Grand master of the 7 billion dollar handout fund, who stated that he would dispense the loot as he saw it fit.  Anyone who dared to enter his office talking about complaint was told to “scram’; and yet another was grand 911 judge who had the authority to give a conspirator a huge sum, and chase any complainer like Helen Mariani out of his office.

Forensic evidence
Forensic evidence is what open prison doors on many occasions therefore the synagogue planted a disciple to remove that evidence from the New York rubble.  The act itself was a major crime.

The political disciple came in handy to push through the multi billion dollar payments.  Finally a disciple was installed to lock the GATE ON ANY person who dare to file a complaint.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PASSENGERS?  Correct question but there is no imbroglio here.  What passengers? There were no passengers, because 911 was deception all the way.  The terrorists did not have a fool-proof plan but they were subtle enough to place a certain group on a plane and shot it down. Persons may have bought tickets based on forged identification made by the synagogue but  they knew that they would not fly on 911.  In fact some of the phantom airplanes did not fly on that date, (according to the FTSB) and there is absolutely no crash evidence on the sites.  The airlines were complicit by not divulging certain official lies that day. A few goyims did follow foolish advice from the Team and subsequently died mysteriously in the Flight 93 and 77 mystery. Why do you think a group of jet fighters went out to sea? To shoot down the plane with the ‘terrorists’ The grieving husbands, and wives like the Jersey Girls, wept, but imagine those whose loved or hated ones were safe at home awaiting the time to collect the free 1.8 million dollars.They secured 1.8 million dollars each for their participation in the scam only because they were disciples.  Imagine how they jumped for joy yelling:” America, the land for scams”.

Most importantly, no A-rab hijacked any plane on 911. That is the reason, as smart as the Satanists think they are, they could not provide airline manifests with Arabic names.  The Satanists did prepare a list of A-rabs for the SWAMP but it was faked.  Several of the “dead” hijackers were found alive post 911.  911 was a another scam on Islam, the patsy society.

No one except the ever-ready disciples spoke about planes.  Not one A-rab hijacked any plane on 911 believe it or not. The deception included crappy video compositing [CGI] whereby the disciples  inserted planes into videos taken of the sites’ -  the videos were plain examples of cartoon physics.

Insurance fraud!  
Which group of assessors chose to pay for incidents in the 911 scam?  Were they fellow terrorists, synagogue disciples, useful idiots or plain dummies?

Presstitutes role
What role did the Presstitutes play?  As usual, to fool the public with the cartoon physics and enhance the case for the New York insurance fraud.


The Satanists benefited almost 100 percent.  From the Pentagon [3.3 trillion], the put options, the HAMMER fund, silverstream scam, New York billion dollar insurance fraud, 7 billion dollar 911 handout fund, 911 misvestigation, and the war.on.terror scam.

Idiocy abound.  The boss man said 19 Arab hijackers were involved but people narrowed that amount by identifying 9 of the 19 who were still alive.  Common sense question: What then is the validity of the official story?

Why the simple simons assisted the synagogue in that manner?
The synagogue has a load of secrets for the SWAMP, secrets that could land swampees in jail for dozens of years; plus the said SWAMPEES believe that a god instructs them to do what they do;therefore periodically, the synagogue asks:  “Why don’t you do something for me?”
The Swampees readily consent so long as no member of their family will die in the caper.  And guess what folks, the synagogue knows that holding all that secret will make them untouchable for life; that is of course if we do not drain-the-SWAMP and severely punish the culprits.

You may ask why the military does not knock down the synagogue and retrieve the secrets from the vault.  The synagogue does not maintain all its files in vault 7 like Sadaam, it stores its secrets differently from us, it places its secrets all over the world in the cardboard boxes of the ever-ready disciples. The task to obliterate was contemplated but who knows where those cardboard boxes are located?

The debunkers

Intelligent debunkers provide intelligent responses, but a few foreign nuts who thought they could setup a programs to acquire US visas and financial aid, offered to agree with every portion of the official story.  Their stupidity boggled the minds of Scholars for 911 Truth and other skeptics.

Yhe SWAMP takes the populace for fools, but that is wrong    The flight 175 engine did not belong to flight 175 or the airline.  The flight 93 hole in which it allegedly disappeared, was there since 1994, according to the geologica.l survey map  The small white plane people saw in shanksville was cruise missile and the planes they saw diving into buildings were cgi..

The SWAMP HAS TO BE WATCHFUL of the criminals in the midst which endorses certain kinds of harebrained schemes like the 911 cartoon physics:
(1) The airplane videos were faked
(2) Flight 93 allegedly went 20 feet into the soil although a plane cannot withstand an impact with water.  Moreover the trench at Shanksville was there since 1994. At Pentagon videos did not show impact of a plane. At WTC the E.Team dug holes to let they appear as though plane wings did. This exhibition of cartoon physics was worst than Joshua and the horn men.

Flight 77

This flight was not scheduled to sly on 911 and so no Arab hijacked it.  The alleged passengers were lured into a hanger or some area where they were gassed.  The phone calls were morphed.  Consider a man calling and claiming that he was Mark Bingham.  "Hello mom, this is Mark Bingham."  Have you ever called your mom and told her your full name?

The dumb fools (according to Uncle Henry) had the people in a place where they could positively conduct a DNA identification of the remains.
There are some Belleview escapees and terrorists'  henchmen trying to claim that respectable theorists are fakes.  These fools are just trying to confuse the savages and anger civilized men.  We must ignore debunkers based on two simple facts: the NTSB already said that some of the planes did not fly on 911 and about 9 of the alleged terrorists are alive and well.


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