Sunday, September 03, 2017

On the Trail of the 9-11 terrorists

Question: What about a friend who is so ruthless and cunning that he has a policy directed at harming you?
9-11 was a simple game orchestrated by our friend through a series of deceptive tactics  by thugs, bombers, opportunists and useful idiots.  The SWAMP did not orchestrate 9-11 but criminal elements within the said SWAMP did play key roles in carrying out the attacks and covering it up afterwards.
 Our ruthless and cunning amigo along with several disciples from the "synagogue of the devil" carried out the plot  with bombings and video compositing (CGI).  Absolutely no plane was hijacked by any Arab on 9-11.  It was clever 'bombing work'  by the disciples whose work is not highlighted because of the secrets they have for the SWAMP.
You think aliens, Saddam Hussein, North Korea and Iran are our problems, well think again, corrupt and worthless American criminals are our problems.  Therefore corrupt American criminals are the ones to keep an-eye-on.

The SWAMP should have been cleaned out, not re-stocked.  Talking about our best friend!  That talk is stupidity or criminality? Whilimena